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Ralph Dipiero Carlsbad, California and Phoenix, Arizona sales and marketing consultant.

Ralph Dipiero
Carlsbad, CA
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Ralph Dipiero

Since 2005 Ralph has been the owner of RDP Solutions, LLC, a full service business development, sales and marketing consulting company. Through RDP Solutions, Mr. Dipiero helps businesses create growth and expansion by increasing sales.

Ralph Dipiero has extensive Direct Sales experience. He has set up, structured, managed sales teams and helped expand profitability for numerous businesses. Based in Southern California, Mr. Dipiero has had extensive sales and business experience in the Phoenix. Arizona.

He owns commercial business property in Phoenix.

In 2017 Ralph became an investor in Cuipo Water, LLC. The Newport Beach, California company is dedicated to saving rainforests by purchasing and preserving one square meter of prime rainforest from deforestation with each bottle of mineral water sold. Cuipo provides a sustainable solution for bottled water, utilizing recycled plastic from beverage containers The company educates and raises awareness about the rainforest and deforestation.

Mr. Dipiero is a sales and marketing consultant for Cuipo Water. He is also involved in direct sales of the bottled water product.

He previously owned DDP Motors LLC., a company that bought and sold cars.

Ralph has also been owner, sales and marketing director for ACU Pager & Wireless. The retail business sold pagers and cell phones. The company had locations in Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mr. Dipiero holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Communications from the College of Public Programs, Arizona State University.

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